This is the story of my becoming

With an honest and humorous voice, I detail my otherworldly, gut-wrenching, and heart opening adventures in spiritual awakening, emotional healing, and intuitive development.

This is the book I needed but never found on my own seventeen year path. It is a glimpse beyond the veneer of spiritual perfection into the living, breathing heart of reclaiming our wholeness. It is intended to affirm our faith in the benevolence of life, align us with the voice of our heart, and redeem the suffering that breaks our hearts open to compassionate service.

I couple my story with poems that transcend the linear mind and Tarot symbology to evoke the universal nature of our journey Home. Much of the narrative takes the form of conversational dialogues with friends, boyfriends, healers, astrologers, therapists and unseen beings.

By detailing my own experiences with past lives, astrology, Tarot, intergenerational healing, plant medicine, inner child work, trauma therapy, energy work, channeling, and starseeds, Awake illuminates how embodiment transcends the meditation cushion. It galvanizes a wholehearted embrace of the messiness, fierceness, and grace of life as vital parts of the journey to liberation.

Drink it in. Let it teach you how to transmute or die.

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Fate must have a sense of irony

To fashion a universe of dark density

An endless space-time singularity

Held together by infinite gravity

Circling around a black hole

Of inescapable destiny